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Select models of Hurco CNC machines are made in the USA with globally sourced components. At our facility in Indianapolis, Indiana, the VMX42i and VMX6030i are fully assembled by Hurco employees. The build team hand scrapes machined surfaces; grinds mounting and surface plates; aligns castings, ball screws, mechanical housings, rails, and tool changes; drills and taps assembly and mounting holes. Additionally, the Indy build team completes a comprehensive inspection and certification process for each machine.

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5 Big reasons to buys a Hurco

What are the main reasons you buy any machine? Do you buy the same type of machine as what you already have? Do you buy what your father always bought? Why do I keep buying those same crappy chips for Cinco de Mayo? Sometimes you need to step outside of the box you made for yourself and really questions why your doing what your doing. A better way may save you a ton of money, and make for a better Cinco de Mayo.  (I swear thats how you spell it, but I am reading it may-o)

Advanced Class - Fixture Plate Design 101

Last week we held our first ever online training course. That sounds really stupid, it's 2018, where the hell have we been since like 2005? Anyway, we got our first one in the can. It went really well with a total of 9 attendees by the time we got finished. There were a few guys who couldn't make it on but that's okay! Because we have it right here for everyone to watch, and re-watch. We would love to hear your feedback on the class either here, on youtube or just send us an email directly.

Most Loved CNC Control

 Survey done by CNC CookBook, a website that receives 4 million visitors a year.

Survey done by CNC CookBook, a website that receives 4 million visitors a year.

Excerpt directly from there website. Results above.

CNC Control Customer Satisfaction: 2017

As in 2016, respondents were asked to report their Customer Satisfaction towards their control with the following responses:

  1. It Rocks! (Scored as 1.0)
  2. Works Fine (Scored as 0.0)
  3. Not Very Happy (Scored as -1)

A perfect score would therefore be 1.0, meaning every respondent said, “It Rocks!”

Customer Satisfaction Award, Pro Category: Hurco

Hurco ran away with it compared to the other controls, scoring 0.67.  In essence, that means 2/3’s of Hurco respondents said their control rocks.  I haven’t had the pleasure of using a Hurco control, but I know they have a lot of awesome features, especially in the area of Conversational CNC. One user remarked, “Extremely quick on-machine programming, especially for helix and thread mill operations.”

Accordingly, we’re awarding Hurco our Gold Customer Satisfaction Seal for 2017:


Find out more about the survey on

2017 goes out with a BANG!

 The all new BX40Ui

The all new BX40Ui

Hurco has several machine "Specials" running for the next couple of weeks. Usually Hurco ships the last machines of the year by December 15th! So time is running out to get a new machine on your floor by year end. There are only a few machines of each of these models available. The following specials are running on a few select models. If there is a model you are looking for and do not see it, give us a call!

VM10HSi - 20,000 RPM Spindle, now $89,995.00
VMX24HSi - 18,000 RPM Spindle, now $108,495.00
VM10i - Max 5 Control - now, $57,995.00
VM20i - Max 5 Control - now, $74,295.00
VMX42SWi - CTS, Max 5 - now, $220,995.00
TMX8i - Max 5 Control - now, $92,995.00
TMM10i - Live Tooling Lathe with Tailstock, Presetter, Parts Catcher, now $117,195.00

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Pre-IMTS Deals Annouced

Why wait for IMTS when you can get the deal BEFORE the show?

Many people wait for IMTS to see what show deals builders will offer, but
we decided to give you the BIG deal BEFORE the BIG show. Why wait?
Request a quote today to get the deal.

Give us a call today to find out how you can get once of these deals! 1-800-522-4705

Can a Hurco hold tight tolerances... How about 10 microns? Yes

Have a quick look at this video from MTDCNC in the UK. First thing you'll notice in the A&M shop they visited, they have all Hurco's. Not only that, they have a DCX22 and TWO DCX32's. This is a tight tolerance shop that specializes in the machining parts from D2, Inconel and Titanium. Not your average cup of tea. Have a listen.

What a difference an End Mill makes.

 New Sandvik End Mill from Tim Baust at Sandvik - The guy knows his stuff!

New Sandvik End Mill from Tim Baust at Sandvik - The guy knows his stuff!

A few weeks ago we installed a new VM30i here in the Gage Machine Tool Showroom. We had a brief discussion about what kind of tooling we needed to get for doing demo's and customer runs. You would think that we had all the tooling holders and cutting tools you could imagine after having at least 20 machines in and out of the showroom over the last decade. What most people do not know is that we typically sell that tooling with the machine when it goes out the door. Hence the discussion on what kind of tooling we would need. In the past we would normally call on our buddy over at Sandvik who would come by and load us up with all the latest and greatest. He recently took another position and that left a bit of a vacuum.

As luck would have it, I was recently working with one of my customers, Viden Industries and told him to get a hold of someone at Sandvik and get some better tooling. His cycle times were 8 minutes on op 1 and 21 minutes on op 2. That was horrible and yes Dennis, the machine can run a lot faster than that. You need some tooling better than what your getting from the Shar catalog. So he called and a fellow named Tim came out and gave him a 3/8 Solid Carbide End Mill that had a new design and coating. It was a new End Mill, just on the market as of last December. Runs dry with air blast at full depth, no pecking. Needless to say Dennis was nervous about putting a 150 dollar end mill into his machine and running it a full 1/2" depth at 5000 rpm's and a feed rate of 85 inches a minute. Op 1 was 37 seconds. Op 2 was 4 and half minutes. Pretty freaking fantastic. But would it last?

I am happy to report that end mill one lasted thru all 255 pieces of op 1 and is still being used for op 2 as of this post. What a difference a single end mill can make. 

 New VM30i

New VM30i


We tested it out on our VM30 when Tim came by the showroom. We didn't have 4140 like Viden had, just 6061 Alum. So our speeds and feeds were a bit different. Like 10,000 RPM's and a feed of 312 inches a minute. Oh and that was at a depth of 3/4". We cut a pocket 2 inches wide, 3/4" deep by 8 inches long in 27 seconds in one pass. No coolant, no air. We could have pushed it faster if we had a higher spindle speed.

So we installed a new VMX42HSRTi with an 18K spindle to try it out. I'll let you know the results!

 New VMX42HSRTi at Gage Machine Tool

New VMX42HSRTi at Gage Machine Tool

SFQ - How does it work?


I have been asked several times of late about the SFQ feature on the Hurco control and thought I would dig up a previous blog post by Mike Cope at Hurco to explain in detail. I admit, I do not have the best explanation for how this works. So I will let Mike do the talking.

SFQ in detail

Its an excellent read and Mike does a good job explaining everything Hurco, I would highly recommend you subscribing to his posts and these as well!

If you have something that you would like us to highlight here please let me know!

Chad Waldo