A lot can change in a year. Or in our case, 6 months. While Gage Machine Tool has always been able to provide Automation solutions for our customers, it was never with the range and scope we can today. In the past few months we have added Universal Robots and Yaskawa Motoman arms to our our existing lines of Midaco and Erowa. Now Hurco is helping up that game again with the integration of BMO cells right from the factory. The following is just a taste of what Gage Machine Tool can now bring to the table for your automation needs!

Why Automate? How hard is it to actually do?

This is by far the easiest “machine” you will ever setup aside from a bench grinder. With a co-bot on your floor you can be setup and running your first automated cell in under an hour. Moving it from machine to machine for separate “tending” operations will take even less. Better yet, it costs less than one years pay for a guy who will, take long breaks, vape in front of your building and spend time on his phone arguing with someone instead of loading and unloading parts. ON TOP of that, it will work three shifts a day and never call in sick. What it will do, is text you automatically if does get stuck, and ask YOU to get it back to work. Do you have an employee that will do that??