Hurco VMX

The signature line of VMX machining centers takes machining to the next level. These machines deliver high performance capabilities to any machining application. Whether you are doing batch production or die/mold work, the VMX mills will make you more profitable.

With the high velocities and accelerations of today’s applications, machine performance must be carefully optimized in order to maintain accuracy over extended periods of time. The Hurco VMX Series of CNC mills delivers. It starts with a heavy, ribbed frame made of fine grain, high-grade cast iron. A dual-wound 12K spindle delivers the cutting power you need.

The linear rails on all Hurco machines are larger, and spaced for increased strength. But their quality goes far beyond mere size. We wedge lock the rails to a machined shoulder, which makes the machine more robust, instead of simply mounting them to a single surface. The multiple design and manufacturing details we incorporate into a Hurco VMC increase rigidity and reliability, which means each VMX machining center will be the workhorse you expect. 


Decrease cycle times by 20% or more!
- let us prove it

12K Spindle with Chiller - Upgradable to 15K or 18K
1496 ipm Rapid Traverse
1296 ipm Programmable Feed
Infinite Block Look Ahead, Built In Washdown
Chip Conveyor, Dual Screen Control



Continuing with none stop updates to the WinMax control the Max 5 console is literal overloaded with features. This gives it more power than the software currently needs. When new features are developed down the line your control can handle the upgrades. Best of all, updates to WinMax are always free!  With a 128g SSD standard, 4gb of video RAM and a quad core processor, it'll still be snappy years from now. Server and Network ready, standard.


Need more space

The VMX line has a broad range of sizes and configurations. Options include faster spindles, CAT40/CAT50, High Torque Packages, Probing, Part Inspections, Monitoring, Automation and more.

VMX24 - 24” X , 20” Y , 24” Z

VMX24D - 15K Spindle

VMX30 - 30” X , 20” Y , 24” Z

VMX30D - 15K Spindle

VMX42 - 42” X , 24” Y , 24” Z

VMX42D - 15K Spindle

VMX50 - 50” X , 26” Y , 24” Z

VMX6030 - 60” X , 30” Y , 24” Z

VMX64 - 64” X , 30” Y , 24” Z
Expandable to 96 Tools

VMX84 - 84” X , 30” Y , 24” Z

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